Auto-construction training for "PIGGOTT" wind turbines.

Ahead the growing demand in Madagascar and in a lot of francophone countries, Solaramd proposes the first auto-construction of PIGGOTT wind turbine training on the big island.

This kind of wind turbine, spread across the wolrd, is perfect for somebody who wants to learn how to build his own wind turbine and take a decisive step twards autonomy.

If this kind of training arouses your curiosity but you are not based in Madagascar, please click on the link vottom and you will be redirecting to a lot of partnerships. Here are the main courtries where you can find this training : United Kingdom - France - Germany - Argentina - Madagascar - Tanzania - Mali - Senegal and more...)

In the line with the teaching method of Hugh PIGGOTT, we invite you to register with the form in the bottom of the page to participate in the next training session.

Access to the Hugh PIGOTT' site

The internship is based on a manual thatwill be given at the beginning of the week. There is a material list, tools, implementation plants, techniques guide and a lot of useful advice, picture and sketches.

The wind turbine which will be build duringthe week will be drawn at the end for people who want. The winner will earn the wind turbine against the price of materials.

Inscription ou informations sur les formations éoliennes

Les champs suivi d'un astérisque sont obligatoires.

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