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A multi-purpose team at the office, the workshop and most of the time in the bush!!!

Solarmad is a SME of 8 employees, created in 2005 and proposing products and technology in renewable energy adapted to the big island.

Solarmad’s philosophy is to work with good quality and famous brand products in the electricity area specializedin isolated sites. Our conception choices, from great field experience, always put in first, simple and effective solution, suited for the project.

Our multi-purpose team realized the project from the beginning to the end (design, import, manufacturing, installation), from the 1Watt small panel to the most complex hybrid system with several kilowatts power. Our expertise has allowed us to build more than 400 projects in seven years, most of the time for operators and prestigious buildings.

Our reference in Madagascar

Solarmad works all over the big island. Following your request, we can either :

- deliver directly from the workshop to your place,

- bring technical help for assembly

- deliver and realize the installation on site for you.

Our research department carries out full energetic studies on technical and economic plan to guide you on your project with minimum risks.

You can contact us if you have any question, need advice or ask for an estimate.

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