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Manufacture a solar tracker by yourelf and increase by 30% your solar panels production

There are many types of solar trackers from the simplest to the most elaborate, from the fully automatic dual axis to the single axis actuated by hand.

We focus here on the simplest one model that you can easily make in your garage or workshop area.

If you want a more elaborate model, you can fill out the form at the bottom of page and we will send you a complete documentation about Solar Tracker.

The role of a solar tracker is to orient the solar panels or to put it face to the sun from morning to evening.

Here is a very simple tracker that you need just to follow the sun by hand and maintain control through a bolt.

It needs to evolve along two axes. The first allow it to rotate from east to west to track the sun in its daily path.

The second adjust the angle of panels inclination according to the season. We know that the sun is bottom on the horizon in winter and higher in summer and will be to the north in the southern hemisphere against the south in the northern hemisphere.

The simplest models are those that have just one axis that guides panels from the East to the West to follow the sun in its daily ellipse.

This can be done by building a model with dial, on the dial 10 or 8 positions that adjust the tracker hourly if necessary.

The most important in a manual solar tracker is to be sure that there will be someone to turn the trackeur at the same time as the sun.

If ever nobody was available in a day, it is absolutely necessary to have a fastening system in the best position according to the average exposure, so even if no one cares, the panels have still an important production.

Note that a tracker can also be used on a solar pump, you can greatly increases the amount of water pumped per day, up 30% in the best cases, thys avoiding adding panels and increasing the budget, which is not always possible.

If this topic interests you and you want to buy one or build a tracker, the form below is for you.

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