Pumping over the sun...

The solar pumping is having a great success in Madagascar and around the world where you need to have a reliable and independent of the rest of the installation solution.

This is one of the first principles. Separate the electrical installation of the water system. This helps in case of problem to always have one or the other working.

There are anecdotes of isolated site systems where the electrical system was out of service so people had come to drink the pool's water...

Water is far more important than electricity for human survival, we provide special care when it is drinking water.

This kind of system, when the pump is good, requires very little maintenance and allowq to pump water up to several tens cubic meters per day and that at a depth of exceed 100 meters.

There is a wide range of solar pumps, but we can say that the pinciple is often the same. Panels give power to pump (see diagram) via a booster, also called a controller that will help the pump to start even when the weather is overcast or the si low.

The system is simple and works over the sun, that is to say, when the sun arose on the surface of solar panels.

It is also possible to connect this type of pump to batteries. You must simpliy add a float switch to stop the pump.

The advantage os to be able to pump even when the sun is down. The downside is that your sysystem is not independent but dependent on the overall energy consumption.

Some conditions for the good functioning of the system

There is several parameters to verify for this kind of project :

  • Be sure to have a water source that provides enough water
  • Check that the pump can pump water out of the total height you need
  • Check that the pump can run dry or if it has a device shutdown in the absence of water (some models are equipped with sensors)
  • Make sure your pump will go into your drill at the diameter and if the height of water is sufficient in relation to the height of the pump
  • Pay attention to water quality, it should not ne too dirty or acid or loaded (see doc pump)

In isolated sites, think to protect you from theft.

But above all you must choose carefully the pump you will install depending on its size, capabilities, energy requirements and other criteria...

We work mainly with Sun Pumps range, reliable and high quality American brand.

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