Solar fridge or how to make cold with hot

What is a solar refrigerator ?

It is not really difficult and it's not reallys solar.

It is an almost normal fridge but some characteristics are different :

- The engine that drives the compressor works with 12V or 24V DC. We can connect it with solar batteries.

- They have an oversized isolation. It is often 3 time thicker than a normal fridge.

- Often, there is an electronic control board which stop the operation when batteries are depleted.

- This control board also protects against a battery voltage too high which can damage the engine.

It exist in several size : from 50L to more than 300L. We often find it in the chest format but it also exist in the vertical format.

Recently, a fridge had been creating to work over the sun, like a solar pump can do.

But the principal characteristic of a solar fidge is his very lox consumption. Two or three times lower than a classic good quality fridge.

This very low consumption make them very economical because even if they are more expensive for the buying, they need 3 times less energy so 3 times less solar panels, solar batteries, ... and reduce a lot the price of an installation in which you want to have a fridge.

Their use is spreading because with the fossil fuels increasing cost, people replace their fridge which operate with gas or oil.

In the March 2013 Solarmad's newsletter, we compared the profitability of a classic fridge with a solar fridge. The relust of this comparative study brought out the winner solar fridge. You can subscrive to the newsletter Solarmad to learn more on renewable energies and their applications.

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