Everything you want to know about solar energy

What is a solar panel to the use of them in big isolated site grids, the solar energy and his use technics are explained for you by Solarmad.
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Solar panels

Everything you want to know about solar panels : What is the point, what does exist, how to choose them ?

Mini solar panels

Solarmad's invention. Mini solar panels allow you to have an affordable transportable energy source

Solar trackers

With that, the panel can follow the sun. You can manufacture it by yourself ! See how to manufacture it or order a tracker diagram which is suitable for your needs.

Solar pumping

Why to pump water with solar energy, how does it work and under what circumstances is it possible ? The answers are here !

Pool solar pumps

You want a pool but your ecological conscience is stopping you ? There is a way to limit the damages, for example, by using a solar pump for your pool !

Solar fridge

We know the conventional fidges which operate in 220V, but do you know solar fridge ? Much better isolated that conventional fridges, operating in 12V and much less energy eater, come to discover the fridge that will revolutionize your solar installation.

The islanded network

This is a very useful technic for big isolated site project. In this topic, you will find all the information on how to use the technic.


A lamp converts the electrical energy in light. If you want to know how to choose your lamp to be suitable with the solar installation, you are welcome in this topic.