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How to get rid of power outages ?

Who has already experienced power outages or blackouts that we undergo throughout Africa knows the damage it causes. Power cuts leave businesses without power during the day, preventing them from working or working at high cost for the generator and fuel.

At night, power outages leave entire neghborhoods in the dark, preventing activity and promoting insecurity.

In addition to the disconcomfort, over-tension and under-tension before and after the cuts destroy the connected equipment (TV, refrigerator, lights, computer...)

Many companies and hotels equip themselves with a generator. They are not very expensive to buy but very expensive for maintenance and fuel.

There is another much quieter and cleaner solution : the inverter charger.

It has three functions :

- Converter : it can produce 230V with the DC current from the batteries (12V or 24V)

- Charger : it can charge the batteries when the power returns

- Inverter : it prenvents under-voltage and over-voltage by switching to battery power if the voltages supplied are not in the specified range

It has the advantage of restoring power within milliseconds when cuts, which prevents the device to turn off. In addition, unlike the generator, inverter charger requires no maintenance and no additional fees once installed.

They come in all sizes, from 1kW to tens of kilowatts, in single phase or in three phase.

Their connection mode is very simple and you can easily do it yourself. There are only two wires up to the battery, two wires in AC outlet, two in AC input and the grounding.

Their disadvantage is to be hard to find because few companies sell. But Solarmad do.

If you're tired of load shedding, call us !

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