A portable solar generator : the commando panels

A strong and profitable activity, anywhere in Madagascar !

Create a thriving business in a domain with strong growth while fighting for the environment at home, in their neighborhood or village. Create a strong and profitable business where you are in Madagascar, it is possible!

Easy to manufacture, easy to sell, easy to use and with a very affordable cost, the portable solar generator is the ideal support.

The commando panel is a device which allows to feed small electrical equipment or to charge batteries.

This portable solar generator can be usefull for several kind of applications :

  • Power small appliances over the sun such as radio or miniature ventilator (devices without batteries running as long as the sun)
  • Power small devices with an internal battery to extend the life of the battery or charge. For example : a lamp or a mobile phone.
  • Battery 6V or 12V charging (scooter type) to store energy and use it at any time.

The training :

Solarmad helps you with the commando panel manufacture with one week training available for everybody who is interester, even without renewable energies skills. This training may be appropriate for leprosy or disabled persons.

The training will be decomposed in three parts :

  • Use of tools
  • Manufacturing
  • Selling (show and use of the device)

The training is done with paper and video media and then by various production and sales. Obviously, it is always supervised by Solarmad technicians.

The first tools and material kit will be given by Solarmad to allow you to run your business. Then, Solarmad will sell you materials as solar panel for example, to provision your stock.

Then, you will be able to create jobs by training people in your town and make a manufacturing and selling varous places to distribute your product

The manufacture :

This portable solar generator is very easy to assemble.

Skills :

• Solder

• Glass cutting

• Wood cutting

• Paint

Everybody can do it !

Commando panel's presentation brochure in French

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