The pool solar pumping

The number of pools installed worldwide explodes, without any regard for the environmental consequences of water resources and energy consumption.

In isolated sites, maintaining a pool (already expensive in normal situation) is very expensive. Those who are not equipped whith systems for renewable energy will have their generator turn during hours to filter be sufficient.

In addition to the large volume of water required for the water remains clear, it is necessary to run pumps to filter the water for a number of hours per day.

A solar pool pump can solve this problem by supporting autonomously the filtering of the water.

How does it work

Like a solar pump, this application works over the sun, ie the rhythm of the sun.

We have a solar field made up of solar panels, a controller and a pump.

Photovoltaic solar panels are usually connected in series to achieve a certain voltage which is indicated in the technical documentation of the pump.

The controller protects both the pump and the batteries when there are batteries.

It protects the pump against dry running and battery against excessive discharge.

The pump is a normal pool pump with a wider range of operation than a standard pump. The power remains the same.

This kind of installation does not pose any particular difficulties and may very well make by you.

We can send to you easy to install complete kits.