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What is the sunshine of your site ?

The next step, with the solar consumption, you must determine how many panels you will need to produce this amount of energy. This varies depending on the sunshine of your site, you will need fewer panels in Bamako (Mali) than in Antananarivo (Madagascar) to produce the same amount of energy.

For optimum sizing we generally take the lowest value during the year assuming "Who can do more can do less."

Follow this link to know the sunshine of your site.

Approach :

  1. Click on Africa at the top left and then place the cursor in the position of your installation on the map.
  2. Click "monthly radiation" then click Calculate.
  3. In the "Hopt" column (Irridiation at the optimum angle) take the lowest value.
  4. Sunshine is in Wh/m²/day we would divide this value by 1000 to integrate the next calculation.

What power solar panels do you need ?

Now that you know what is your daily consumption and sunshine of your site, you must calculate the daily production.

Here is the formula ;

Pc =Bj/ (Rb x Ri x Ej )

Pc = it is the sum of the power of your solar panels operating at their best.

Bj = The daily energy requirement for your system, previously calculated.

Rb = This is the performance of your batteries after losses, 0.8 for good solar batteries and 0.7 less good batteries.

Ri = It is the energy efficiency of the rest of the installation after all losses (tension's loss, pale indeed, regulators, ...). We accept an efficiency of 0.85.

Ej = It is the value in kWh/m²/day corresponding to the energy amount on 1m² received by the sun. Do not forget to divide by 1000 sunshine found n PVGIS.

Diagram of an isolated system

Here is the typical diagram of an isolated system :

  • Solar panels for the energy production
  • A regulator to control batteries' charge
  • Batteries to store energy
  • A converter to convert batteries' direct current into alternative.

On the diagram this is an inverter/charger that can accept input JIRAMA or generator to charge the batteries in case of lack of sunlight.

What converter to choose ?

Modified sine inverter


To size the converter follow this link (building)

What batteries to choose ?

To choose your batteries follow this link

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